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The App That Makes
Homeschool Curriculum
Planning and Tracking Easy

Why Us


The Homeschool Curriculum Tracker makes it easy for parents to setup and track the progress of their child's curriculum. This app does not generate a schedule - instead it tracks the student's progress towards mastery of the material.  

We want to help parents with giving their students the best homeschooling experience.

Introducing Homeschool Tracker

Introducing Homeschool Tracker

How It Works


Students earn benefits when daily/weekly milestones are met.

Students earn "trophies" when overall process milestones are met.

This motivates the student to get their work done with little nagging from parents.

Progress Tracking

This app allow subjects to be tracked by lessons, pages, points, or percentage. 

The app shows the student how much work needs to be accomplished each week to finish the term on time.

Parents can set daily goals.


This app is always calculating the student's progress.  So if a new course is added or removed the percentage of weekly work will adjust accordingly.  

Progress Reports

The student's progress is recorded each week.

Progress Reports can be shared and archived.

The progress reports also act as a transcript.

Here are some children's reports:

Dominic (3rd grade) 

Benjamin (4th grade)

Rachel (6th grade)

Free to use for 2022-2023!


“It's great because I get to pick what subject I want to work on and when I want to work on it. And I can earn trophies.”

Benjamin, age 10


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